As a rule,
I always look for what others ignore.

- Marshall McLuhan

Call it finding the missed opportunity.

Gleaning the one thing that reverberates with someone so deeply they may not have thought about it that way before. We believe that opportunities and important insights are often overlooked that can be the key to marketing a brand in meaningful ways that resonate with people.

Brainspur helps companies solve problems with strategic parallaxed* thinking based on finding unique opportunities and critical customer insights. We help brands understand their unique positions in the world, then steer them in strategic directions that are more than one-off tactics or solutions. Because what good is an idea if the direction you’re going in isn’t the right one?

*apparent change of position


Unearthing the Truths – We know most decisions are made from the heart, not the mind. So, we take a deep dive into the hearts and minds of the people we’re challenged with reaching to understand and find what really matters most to them.


Finding the Missed Opportunity – We glean the key findings and insights learned from the Dig, then identify the opportunity that will appeal to an unmet need and reverberate most deeply with your audience – most likely something that hadn’t been thought of before.


Creating the Strategic Brand Position – Based on the previously identified insights and opportunity, we determine the one thing you can own in your customers’ hearts and minds that will differentiate you from the rest. This is your brand’s unique story that is a natural extension of who you really are.


Leveraging and Executing the Strategic Position – We prioritize, recommend and create meaningful ways for your brand’s position and story to be implemented across multiple platforms to most effectively reach and resonate with your audience.

The Process

We help brands communicate the stories that resonate in persuasive ways and spur people to think. We believe understanding consumer behavior, needs and concerns matter. We combine our experience in advertising, design, digital and broadcast with an innate ability to identify the opportunities that uniquely connect brands with how consumers communicate and seek information today.

So our process forces us to look at the big picture and figure out the best way to get to where a brand needs to go. And most often it’s the route that has yet to be taken. The powerful idea that has to be conceived. Because powerful ideas touch emotions, entertain, educate and spur people to think.

Powerful ideas build emotional connections between customers and brands. They also build trust. And trust combined with emotion make customers more inclined to do business with brands.

We understand how to position a brand or company on an emotional level because we take the time to understand people.